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I am a girl from Malaysia, studying at the Open University of Malaysia and graduating in 2019.
The woman next to me is my mother. She pays a lot for my education.
Unfortunately, I failed my great mother.
Because I cannot graduate normally, I cannot obtain a diploma certificate.
This matter makes me feel very helpless, I am ashamed of my mother, I do not want to see her disappointed eyes.
I don’t think I can spend any more time studying. I must earn money to support my family as soon as possible.
But I can’t find a good job without my diploma.
I’m really confused!
Until one day, when I was surfing the Internet, I stumbled across a magic website, www.fakeadiploma.com.
It sells diploma certificates from all universities in MalaysiaSingapore diplomaAmerican diplomaAustralian diplomaBritish diploma and Canadian diploma.
So I tried to contact the seller and place an order.
What’s more, the certificate company produces the same original certificate, which makes it impossible to tell the authenticity from the authenticity.
I took my fake diploma and tried to find a job. As expected, I got a job quickly.
At the same time, I can face my mother.
When I took my first salary, I cried, I could finally support myself, I could give my mother a better life.

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