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Brock University Business School is not only of outstanding quality but also the only thirteen universities in Canada that have passed AACSB (AACSB is the American International Management Education Federation). It was established in 1916 and became the most authoritative certification institution for management education since 1960. Promote accredited and accredited schools to improve student admission standards and faculty and management standards. The scale and standard of management education in the United States is ahead of the world, so the AACSB standard and evaluation standards have become the highest standards in management education worldwide. One of only a dozen universities in Ontario is the University of Toronto, Queen’s University and Brook University.

This course is 17 months in length and includes 4-semester theoretical courses (13 weeks per semester). In August, students must attend a pre-learning course (including an introduction to the North American business environment). The 4-week course will give students a chance to communicate and adapt to Canadian teaching methods; in the first two semesters, IMBA has prepared comprehensive courses in various management and business fields for students from all over the world. In the last two semesters, you will further your studies in the fields of marketing, finance, accounting (added in 2004), and human resources (added in 2010). buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, buy fake transcript. buy fake certificate, buy Brock University fake bachelor degree, buy Brock University fake Master degree, buy Brock University fake doctor degree.

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