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Founded in 1877, Technische Universität Darmstadt (Technische Universität Darmstadt) is one of the world’s leading German universities of science and technology. It is located in the German science city Darmstadt, in the metropolis of Frankfurt/Rhine-Main The region is famous for engineering, natural sciences and architecture. Since the birth of the Federal Republic of Germany, it is the first public university in Germany to sponsor its own education.

The Darmstadt University of Technology is one of the TU9 members of the TU9 alliance of nine outstanding universities of science and technology in Germany, one of the seven German universities of the TIMES European Union of Top Industrial Management Universities, and one of the 12 European universities of the CLUSTER European Union of Leading Teaching and Research Universities. CESAER European Higher Engineering Education and Research University Conference Alliance is one of ten universities in Germany.

The Darmstadt University of Technology established the world’s first electrical engineering department in 1882. Twice selected in the German University Excellence Program, its major engineering disciplines such as mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic information, computer science, economic engineering, economic information engineering, etc. have all been ranked among the top three in Germany for many years, and it has the world’s top 100 supercomputers, Known as the cradle of outstanding engineers. Buy a fake diploma, buy a fake degree, buy fake certificate, buy fake transcript, buy fake Bachelor degree, buy fake Master degree, buy fake doctor degree

The school’s research focuses on engineering disciplines, but many alumni who have made outstanding contributions in the field of basic science have also been born, such as the discovery of giant magnetoresistance effect Peter Greenberg (Nobel Prize in Physics) and the discovery of fractional quantum Hall effect Horst Ludwig Stemmer (Nobel Prize in Physics), Polymer Chemist Hermann Staudinger (Nobel Prize in Chemistry), Founder of Free Radical Chemistry Gerhard Hertz Berg (Nobel Prize in Chemistry). Chinese alumni include Du Jichuan, founder of Kingston Technology, bridge expert Li Guohao (former president of Tongji University) and many other outstanding engineers and scholars.

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