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Okanagan College is a public comprehensive higher education institution located in Kelowna, British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada. It was established in 1963 and initially provided various college courses, vocational and technical training courses and tutorial courses. In 1989, the college began to provide undergraduate education with UBC and the University of Victoria. Print a fake degree in Canadia. In 1995, Okanagan College was approved to award a bachelor’s degree alone.

Undergraduate majors: All courses allow students to choose the combination of study and work (Co-op). Business Administration, Computer (Computer) Information System

Associate degree: Associate degree includes two years of university subject study. When two years of basic courses in liberal arts and science are completed and the university requirements are met, credits can be transferred to the university. The best diploma copy site. The University of British Columbia in Kelowna is one of them. Optional school.

Associate of Arts, majors include: anthropology, economics, English, history, international relations, mathematics, philosophical history and economics, politics, psychology, sociology.

Associate of Science, majors include: biology, chemistry, environmental science, water purification, mathematics, physics, applied experimental science (including computer, electronic engineering, etc.) Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Education, Arts Bachelor.

Diploma courses: business management, advanced cooking, computer (computer) information systems, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, water treatment, network communication, commercial aviation, early childhood education, social work, rehabilitation nursing, clinical nursing
Certificate courses: business, trade, English training courses (ESL)

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