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Conduct Birth Certificates In United States

Birth Certificates

Conduct Birth Certificates In United States, what information do you need to prepare?

The United States does not have a household registration system, so children do not need to register for an account after birth. When the child is born in the hospital, the staff will go to the ward to visit the parents, collect the main information on the birth certificate, interview directly, and have the meaning of confirmation, because with this birth certificate, they can get a US passport and enjoy American benefits.

Because the birth certificate is processed the next day after birth, parents must think of the child’s name in advance. They cannot be like some people in the country because they cannot pick up any name and do not register their children. After the staff had collected the information, they gave a receipt, and then they left it blank. They will transfer the information to the county office and the national social insurance department. The county office will make a health certificate file, and the national social security department will make a social security card and mail it to the child’s parents.

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