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Research overview
By the end of 2014, the University of Pennsylvania had more than 100 research centres and institutions involved in cancer, sociology, history, and more than 4,300 teachers and 1,100 postdoctoral researchers, and 5,400 academic and graduate students participated in these studies.
Ren Dasu is known for its high-quality scientific research and rich scientific research achievements. In 2015, the research funding exceeded US$800 million. Interdisciplinary research is the traditional research method of Penn. Almost every research centre has at least two disciplines of experts and scholars. In most disciplines, Professor Penn’s academic output is among the best in the United States. The first disciplines include epidemiology, business, communication, comparative literature, linguistics, information science, criminology, and sociology. According to the National Research Council, three-quarters of Penn’s 41 disciplines are ranked in the top ten in the United States, and more than half of the disciplines are in the top five in the United States.
Academic resources
Collection resources
The University of Pennsylvania library was built in 1750, and the original collection was donated by the draftsman Louis Evans. Twenty years later, the then provost, William Smith, travelled across the UK to raise funds to expand the collection. The school already has 15 large and small libraries, more than 6.1 million books, more than 40,000 journals, more than 400 administrators, and a budget of $480 million.
The school has a well-known museum of archaeology and anthropology, which benefited from the contributions of the school’s famous archaeological department. The museum’s collection contains a large number of artefacts from ancient Egypt and the Middle East, as well as a considerable number of Chinese artefacts, including one of the world’s largest crystal balls from a Chinese dynasty. In addition, the Institute of Contemporary Art on campus hosts several different styles of art exhibitions each year.

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