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Chamberlain University diploma, Chamberlain University certificate,
Chamberlain University diploma, Chamberlain University certificate,

How to buy a fake Chamberlain University diploma, order fake Chamberlain University certificate, order fake diploma in Nursing. Chamberlain University, one of the largest nursing schools in the U.S., is expanding its footprint with the opening of its Irwindale campus in order to expand access to nursing education and better address critical workforce needs.

With a 130-year history of excellence in healthcare education and currently serving Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) students across 22 campuses in 15 states and online, Chamberlain University is committed to furthering its mission, reach and scale by consistently graduating highly qualified students that are representative of the communities that they will go on to serve. Irwindale will join the other campuses as Chamberlain’s 23rd location.

According to a report from the California Board of Registered Nursing, only 39% of qualified applicants were accepted to BSN programs in the state in 2018/20191. Coupled with the severity of the Los Angeles-area nursing shortage2, the Chamberlain Irwindale campus will increase capacity to educate qualified nurses to serve the healthcare needs of the community.

The new location will offer the opportunity for students to complete their BSN in just three years with year-round study. This accelerated program allows for passionate future nurses to enter the workforce more quickly and start making an impact within the community sooner.

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