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Can I Apply Ontario Drivers Licence Online?

Ontario drivers Licence

Can I Apply Ontario drivers Licence Online? How long can i get Canadian drivers Licence?

Canada, which is widely recognized as the country on the wheel, has a large country, a sparse population, a developed highway system, and a good national economy. In Canada, cars are the most basic means of transportation for every family. Many college and high school students drive to school.

So the question is, how do international students get a driver’s license in Canada?
Step 1: G1 written test
G1 written test questions: 20 traffic signs, 20 common knowledge. The written test allows the use of the Chinese language test, and each part is scored separately (4 questions or more are unqualified). Those who fail the test can immediately repay the test. After passing the G1 written test, you need to perform a vision test, and then you can obtain a “learning driving license”, also known as the Ontario G1 temporary driving license.

When you get a driver’s license, you can drive on the road with someone who has a driver’s license. Regarding the G1 written test, the earlier the test, the better, because when you get a G1 driver’s license, you must wait at least 8-12 months before you can register for the G2 road test (unless you have a valid driver’s license from another country and region).

Step 2: G2 (road test)
Road test content includes: starting, changing lanes, turning, three-point U-turn, up / downhill parking, parallel parking and parking.

During the test, there will be an examiner sitting in the co-pilot position, holding a piece of yellow paper in his hand with each customized score and error deduction points, divided into major and minor errors. If you make a big mistake, you will be given Fail directly, and you will take the test next time. If it is a minor mistake, you can pass as long as the score remains above 80 points.

Step 3: G
One year after passing G2, you can take the G test. The content of the G card is basically similar to G2, but a high-speed content is added. High-speed examination includes: detour entry, high-speed merge, and exit

Note: The highway is a difficult point for the G-brand test. Many people cannot adapt to the sudden changes when entering the high-speed. In fact, as long as they have experienced a few times, they slowly adapt. After you get your G1 driver’s license, you need to test out the G card within five years, otherwise you need to retake the G1 test. The G card is permanent.

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