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The University of California at Berkeley is based on traditional multidisciplinary integration, supplemented by emerging disciplines and professional colleges. Where to buy fake UC Berkeley transcripts, how to get fake UC Berkeley diploma certificate. Order the fake University of California-Berkeley degree online. Get the fake US University diploma and transcript. There are 14 colleges across the school, covering 170 departments. Among the 14 colleges: “Colleges” includes undergraduate and postgraduate education, while “Schools” has only graduate students, the only exception being business schools. Berkeley offers 106 undergraduate programs, 88 master’s programs, 97 academic Ph.D. programs, and 31 career-oriented graduate programs.
The College of Arts and Sciences is a traditional sub-disciplinary comprehensive education organization in the Western education system. The Department of Arts and Sciences of Berkeley is the largest of the 14 colleges. It has the largest number of students and the most important one. It has 6 schools. Faculty, 46 departments. Many departments of the College of Arts and Sciences offer minor degrees. The following is a detailed list.
Department of Life Sciences: Department of Biology, Molecular and Cell Biology, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, Department of Genetics, Department of Immunology, Department of Cell Nuclear Biology, and Department of Physiology
Department of Humanities: Department of Art History, Department of Art Practice, Department of Classical Art, Department of Comparative Literature, Department of Dramatic Art, Department of East Asian Languages, Department of English, French, German, Italian Studies, Music, Near East Studies, Philosophy , Department of Rhetoric, Scandinavian, Slavic Language and Literature, South and Southeast Asian Studies, and Spanish and Portuguese.

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