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Fake Memorial University of Newfoundland Diploma

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The University of Newfoundland Memorial is the only comprehensive public university in Newfoundland and one of Canada’s top universities. It is a world-renowned university with six branches. Now there are nearly 19,000 students, including more than 3,200 graduate students. With five campuses, the University’s main campus is located in the heart of St. John’s, the administrative center of Newfoundland. The main campus is backed by green hills facing the sea. With a state-of-the-art, modern teaching building, the University of Newfoundland is the largest university in the four provinces of Atlantic.

The research institutions of the University of Newfoundland include: Institute of Marine Dynamics established by the National Research Council of Canada; Marine Resource Engineering Research Center; Marine History Research Institute; Newfoundland Institute of Marine Science; Earth Resources Research Center; Folk Creation and Language Archives; Institute of Archaeology; Institute of Social and Economic Research; Institute of Northern Regions; Institute of Educational Research and Development.


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