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Fake Harvard University Transcript

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The Harvard University Library’s central system is located in the Widener Library at Harvard Court. The entire system covers 80 different libraries, with a total collection of more than 16 million books, making it the largest academic library network in the United States. At the same time, it ranks third in the United States (second only to the Library of Congress and the Boston Public Library).

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Harvard Business School is the largest, richest, most prestigious, and most authoritative management school in the United States and the world today. This is a mecca for the cultivation of business talents. It is known as the West Point Military Academy for businessmen, supervisors, and general managers. Many American entrepreneurs and politicians have studied here. Among the top 500 managers in the United States, there are 1/5 graduated from this college. The Harvard Master of Business Administration (Master of Business Administration) is a symbol of power and money, and it is also a degree coveted by many young Americans.

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