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The University of Nevada Las Vegas is a long-established public co-educational university that was founded in 1957 and has been based on the school’s history, engineering, environmental studies, hospitality management, fine arts, and management information. The system course is well known.
Engineering or engineering, through the study and practice of applied mathematics, natural sciences, economics, sociology, and other basic disciplines to improve the design of existing buildings, machinery, instruments, systems, materials and processing steps in various industries and A method of application. The person who practices and studies engineering is called an engineer.
In higher education institutions, many engineering disciplines formed by applying the principles of natural science to various production sectors such as industry, agriculture, and service industries are also called engineering or engineering.
The University of Nevada Las Vegas is listed by the Carnegie Foundation as a senior in-depth research university. The English School of the University of Nevada Las Vegas is considered by the Atlantic Monthly as the most innovative MFA program in the United States. One of the top five. At the same time, the University of Nevada Las Vegas is also a basketball school, has trained basketball stars such as Brevinite, Reggie Sieves, Amon Gilliam, Marcus Banks.
The University of Nevada Las Vegas offers an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree.
The undergraduate degree offered by the University of Nevada Las Vegas includes economics, accounting, finance, human resources management, international trade, management, management information systems, hospitality management, marketing, early education, computer technology, English, History and so on.
The graduate programs offered by the University of Nevada Las Vegas include: Business Administration, Accounting, Economics, Management Information Systems, Special Education, Construction Management, and more.


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