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Today in the American scientific community, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is synonymous with “Excellence”. As of 2016, 13 scientists/organizations associated with the laboratory have won the Nobel Prize, 70 scientists are academicians of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), and 13 scientists have won the National Lifetime Achievement Award in the field of scientific research – National Science The medals and 18 engineers were elected as academicians of the US National Academy of Engineering and three scientists were selected into the Institute of Medicine. In addition, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has trained thousands of university science and engineering students who are driving technological innovation throughout the United States and around the world. Former US Secretary of Energy and Nobel Laureate in Physics, Zhu Yiwen was the director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory from 2004 to 2008. He also served as a professor of physics at Berkeley. In 1976, he also obtained physics from Berkeley. Ph.D.
In engineering, Berkeley has been at the forefront of Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is at the forefront of engineering science in the United States. Hans Einstein, the eldest son of Albert Einstein, has been a Berkeley professor of hydraulic engineering since 1947 and is an authority in the field of hydraulic engineering – in honor of his outstanding contributions, the American Society of Civil Engineers also specializes in The “Hans Einstein Award” was established. Lin Tongyan, a world-famous Chinese-style structural engineer and father of prestressing, also graduated from Berkeley, and later worked as a professor of engineering at Berkeley. To commemorate him, Berkeley also established the Lin Tongyan Laboratory. Cai Shaoqi, a well-known Chinese engineer who is known as the father of nonlinear circuit theory and the father of cell-like neural networks, has been a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at Berkeley since 1971. His eldest daughter, Cai Meier, is The famous “Tiger Mom”


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