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McGill University has maintained academic and sports competition with other ancient universities. Every year, McGill University and another famous university in Canada, Queens University, hold a rowing competition inspired by the famous Oxford-Cambridge Rowing Competition. The competition for football began in 1884. In the annual “Old 4” football game, Canada’s four oldest universities, McGill University, Queen’s University, University of Toronto, and the University of Western Ontario compete in football matches. McGill’s women’s football team has been the leader for many years, and the University of Western Ontario men’s football team often wins the crown.
McGill University and Harvard University also maintain historical grievances, representing the biennial Harvard-McGill University football game alternating between Montreal and Cambridge, Massachusetts. The North American rugby system is also believed to have originated from McGill and Harvard. McGill University is often regarded as Harvard in Canada. Before the 1960s, McGill was the same as Harvard in North America, but it was once declined by the influence of the subsequent independence movement and the government’s financial support. For example, in the famous American “Simpsons” animation, McGill University was mentioned as “Harvard of Canada”. In addition, there are often students selling T-shirts at the entrance to McGill University, which is printed with Harvard (American’s McGill), which is popular among Canadians.
The protagonists in North American literary and filmmaking are also often described as McGill students or professors, such as the fictional McGill alumnus, Alan McGregor, who served as a commando in Canada during the Second World War with the British Special Forces. · Major Craig, American drama “House Doctor”, oncologist James Wilson of the Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. The Marvel Comics Series Canadian Superhero Series Alpha Flight, the hero Walter is portrayed as a McGill University biophysicist, studying gamma radiation accidents.


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