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The State University of New York at Albany is located in the City of Albany, home to the state government of New York State and is home to all state-level administrative centers. Albany is also the core city of the New York State Metropolitan Area, the third largest metropolitan area in New York State. It takes 3 hours to drive east from Albany to Boston, 5 hours west to Buffalo, 2 hours south to New York City, and 4 hours north to Montreal, Canada. The transportation is very convenient.
The school’s Uptown campus has two main libraries, the Main Library, and the Science Library. The library has a large collection of books, many study areas, and a group discussion room. Group Study Room). Students can borrow books, book rooms or borrow laptops with the SUNY Card.
The school has its own basketball team, football team, football team, and other sports track and field teams.
Basketball has an indoor basketball court and is the home of the school basketball team. It is open to all school students free of charge. There are several street courses outside. American basketball is developed, which also satisfies the venue problem very well. The basketball court is sponsored by the US SEFCU Bank and the home name is SEFCU Center (SEFCU ARENA)
The school has a separate football field, and European students play mostly.
In football, the quality of the venue is high. The school often holds rugby matches. The famous American football team, the New York Giants, often trains here and is very popular among students.


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