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Course introduction editor
LCCI International Business English (Level 1) (EFB1): is a basic course designed for those who wish to have the ability to use English for short business communication. You will be taught to write simple business letters, use basic business materials, and learn to communicate clearly with people with specific goals in the workplace and social situations. The book will use modern business situations. Business English 1 will allow you to express yourself more confidently in writing and verbally at work or in the community.
LCCI International Business English (Level 2) (EFB2): Suitable for those who wish to use the current and popular business communication methods to strengthen their English. It will teach you to use effective tone, form, format, and content for effective business writing to achieve a specific purpose. Business English will enable you to use modern speaking and writing skills to communicate successfully with people in a business environment.
LCCI International Business English (Level 3) (EFB3): is an advanced English course that enables students to understand and write texts in different formats and styles for various business situations. It will teach you advanced information translation skills, clear and effective letter writing, and the most appropriate language form. Business English 3 will enable you to understand English in most business situations and communicate naturally in English.
Certificate advantage editing

  1. The LCCIIQ certificate not only represents the cultural quality and English proficiency of the holder, but also the professional skills and practical ability of the holder;
  2. LCCIIQ is the first international professional qualification certificate introduced by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security;
  3. LCCI entered China in 1995. On September 13, 1999, LCCIEB signed the “Sino-UK Vocational Qualification Certificate Cooperation Project Joint Certification Cooperation Agreement” with the Occupational Skills Identification Center (OSTA) of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of China. The project was the 16 projects of Sino-British cooperation at that time. One. Since then, the two international and domestic authoritative professional qualification certification agencies have joined forces.


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