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How to take a British driver’s license? If you want to take a British driver’s license, you should pay attention to the following points~

UK Driving Licence

Step 1: Apply for an internship driver’s license
First of all, in the UK you need to apply for an internship driver’s license to prove that you are learning to drive. how to buy a British driver’s license online? buy UK driving licenses, Get driving license from the UK. how to apply? You can apply online from the official website of the government (application fee: £34) or go to the post office to fill in the form to apply (£43, and no cash is accepted). Wait about a week to get your internship driver’s license, and then you can use it as an ID card or directly learn to drive a driver’s license! Requirements for applying for a temporary driver’s license stamp to study in the UK | How to test a driver’s license in the UK? How to apply for Provisional Driving Licence?

The second step: The theory test is divided into two parts. The first part has 50 multiple-choice questions and needs to be completed within 1 hour. It is relatively simple to memorize the questions and answers, and 43 questions are passed correctly. The second part is the Hazard Perception Test, which measures your crisis awareness while driving. There will be a short video of 14-segment vehicle driving, allowing you to point out potential crises. The total score of the 14 films is 75 points, and 44 points are required to be considered as passing. how to get a British driver’s license online? buy UK driver’s licenses, Get driver’s license from the UK.

Step 3: Driving school registration There are three well-known driving schools in the UK: AA Driving School, BSM Driving School, RED Driving School. In addition to these three larger driving schools, you can search for information online or recommend personal trainers from friends. The cost is more than this. Kind of driving company cheaper

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