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British Art University TOP5


British Art University TOP5

  1. The Royal College of Art The Royal College of Art, founded in 1837, is located in London, United Kingdom. It is the world’s top art and design college and one of the oldest art universities. It is ranked first in the world in the latest ranking of world art universities. The comprehensive strength is very strong and has trained many internationally renowned artists, including James Dyson, Ridley Scott, Christopher Bailey, David Hockney and so on.
  2. The University of the Arts London, founded in 1986, is located in London, England. It is composed of the six most famous art colleges in the world. It is one of the best art colleges in the world. It is known as Harvard and Cambridge in the art education world. It has trained many world-renowned artists and designers, including fashion designer Ye Mingzi, expressionist painter Lucian Freud, director Mike Lee, famous actor Pierce Brosnan, Hong Kong actor Weng Meiling, etc.
  3. Goldsmiths College of London University Goldsmiths College of London was founded in 1891 and merged into the University of London in 1904. It is a college specializing in communication media, cultural creativity, and art courses. It enjoys a high reputation and training in the art world. Famous alumni such as Freud, Damien Hirst, Anthony Gormley Steve McQueen and so on.
  4. Glasgow School of Art The Glasgow School of Art was established in 1845. It is one of the oldest independent art schools in the UK. It enjoys a high reputation in the world and is listed as the top professional visual arts institution in the UK. It is a veritable world. The top art schools have trained famous artists such as the father of modern architecture, Charlie McIntosh, British painter, artist Mary Armour, and famous British architect Richard Rogers.
  5. Edinburgh College of Art The Edinburgh College of Art was established in 1760. It is one of the largest and oldest art colleges in Europe and one of the world’s top art colleges. It enjoys a high reputation in the world. With excellent teaching quality and teaching The level has attracted many students to come to study and has been welcomed by students worldwide.
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