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How to make Argosy University fake diploma in America

Argosy University fake diploma
Argosy University fake diploma

How to make Argosy University fake diploma, purchase Argosy University fake certificate, buy Argosy University degree. Argosy University, Twin Cities, is a constituent college of for-profit Argosy University, focused towards professional education.

In 1976, the Argosy Education Group began acquiring separate educational institutions, beginning in 1922 with the University of Sarasota, Florida, then the Medical Institute of Minnesota in 1998. In 2001, Argosy Education Group was taken over by Education Management Corporation, which brought the American School of Professional Psychology into its portfolio. These three institutions were established as Argosy University.

Today, Argosy University has 28 campuses in 13 different states, many of which are specialist art institutes. The University also offers flexible online programs at associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels.

Argosy University, Twin Cities, is based in the city of Eagan, Minnesota. It offers more than 30 Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programs with a strong emphasis on preparing its students for professions.

It offers tailored programs in various psychological, health and therapeutic professions, including clinical psychology, industrial organised psychology and marriage and family therapy. The campus also hosts courses in education – specifically in education administration – and business. Other courses available include criminal justice, liberal arts and information technology.

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