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The University of Chicago was formerly a church school founded by the American Baptist Church, which had the same name as the University of Chicago but collapsed in 1886 due to financial problems. With the migration of the population to the west and industrial development, the central United States, far from the developed east coast, urgently needs a first-class university to adapt to development. John Rockefeller, the American oil tycoon with vision and good deeds, will have a university that is comparable to Harvard and Yale. buy fake degrees online.

In 1890, Rockefeller began to reorganize the University of Chicago on the basis of the church school that had been closed down. After careful consideration, Rockefeller chose Willian R. Harper, a 35-year-old educator, to prepare for the University of Chicago. On July 1, 1891, Harper was appointed as the first principal for outstanding work. Buy University of Chicago fake diploma, Buy fake UChicago degree certificate, Get a fake UChicago transcript.

The University of Chicago is not yet fully formed, and Harper has developed strict teacher and student selection criteria for the school. He hopes to build “a university that can compete with Harvard and Yale in the east” in a very short period of time. To achieve this goal, all enthusiasm must be devoted to the ruthless introduction of talented teachers students and administrators.

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